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Video SEO

The Web has single handedly revolutionized the way we do business.

Incredible advances in technology now make it faster and easier for us to connect at ever increasing speeds..its these speeds which are now creating many possibilities.

The most significant of these being Web Video.

With Web Video, all sorts of business can now market their products across the web making it the most powerful method to reach out to millions of prospects, establishing that all important connection at a deeper level, a true phenomenon.

With incredible benefits like this its no wonder why Web Video is on the verge of Super Nova.

It is estimated that Web Video Marketing will quadruple in size within 2 years !.

One study published by the online journal Marketing Experiments found that Web Video Marketing increases click through by 750% over traditional banner ads ..you starting to see how Web Video can super power your profits yet ?

The pace of web video publication is accelerating even faster than ever, and though video SEO appears to have been left behind the other sections of the industry, it’s finally starting to lock in with some really exciting developments that will provide additional incentives for publishers to produce great web video content here at ivideovillas we are at the forefront of this evolution and you can be sure of success with our qualified team of online video SEO marketers..


So what’s Video SEO all about ?

Video SEO is pretty much like conventional SEO however armed with the fact that search engines love videos its hardly suprising a market is there for well produced video content so just how do we do it ?

Coupled with our SEO partner The SEO Marketing Company we have compiled a short over view of video seo and the marketing involved

Targetted Keywords for Web Video SEO. Much the same as SEO for textual based content, keyword research is the essential starting point. We highly recommend that each web video target a few keywords only.(for example see our video ranking for "Holiday Rental Video Tours" or "Web Video For Business") The keywords must accurately convey the web video’s content. In addition they should also be chosen to adequately reflect the terms users are actively searching for. By doing this we seamlessly link the message your video conveys about your business/services/products with the keywords potential clients use the most to search for your business sector,services or products.

Inbound Links and Bookmarks . Web Video SEO improves dramatically when other high authority sites link to your web video. But not all links are good links. . Currently, we choose amongst others Facebook and Twitter as 2 of the most valuable links available (in addition we use these sites to market your site and build invaluable lists for marketing to later) Depending on your business, membership associations, technical and/or educational sites will be useful also. Again When we link up we refer to your web video using the targeted keywords we have chosen for you.

We will discuss this along with moulding a custom made SEO package for your particular business which matches and compliments both your business model and budget.

Contact us today to get started.